Successful helium explorer and developer

A new and reliable partner for helium supply from owned wells and reserves to markets.

A new, vertically integrated helium producer and supplier

Weil Group brings multiple disciplines together to move helium from the wellhead to the buyer, making it the only vertically integrated independent helium producer in the world. Successful exploration and development of helium reserves require knowledge of oil and gas exploration and production, intense reservoir definition and analysis, as well as safe and efficient field and mid-stream operating experience. The company has built a portfolio of projects with significant proven reserves in Canada and the U.S. and sells to companies across the globe.

Weil Group’s pioneering efforts in the industry are featured in The Rise of Helium.

Pioneer as a new market entrant in the niche helium industry

First commercial helium production in Saskatchewan, Canada

First helium producer in Alberta, Canada with production planned for 2020

First non-major industrial gas company to ship liquid helium to Asia in its own ISO containers

Weil’s helium processing facility

“Helium is the one gas that is used pervasively throughout the process and without it our factories would not operate.”

(Carolyn Duran, Ph.D., Intel Corporation)

In the news

What’s behind a global shortage of helium.
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Our team is committed to finding, developing and building helium resource projects within North America.

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Weil Group has pioneered the approach of seeking helium as the sole, constituent gas product from its helium projects.

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Helium was first detected in


during the Indian solar eclipse of August 18, using a spectrometer, although it was only observed as a prominent yellow line and not understood to be a new element.