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Developing new sources of Helium

Successful exploration and development of helium reserves require experience in various disciplines. Knowledge of oil and gas exploration and production, intense reservoir definition and analysis, as well as safe and efficient field and mid-stream operating experience are each required for helium recovery. Weil Group, along with its partners brings these disciplines together and has built a helium portfolio of projects in Canada and the U.S.

America's primary source of helium is dwindling and forecast to be depleted by



“Helium is the one gas that is used pervasively throughout the process and without it our factories would not operate.”

(Carolyn Duran, Ph.D. Director of Chemical Risk and Compliance, Intel Corporation)

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Our strategic alliance partners are in alignment with and support our commitment to finding, developing and building helium resource projects within North America.

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Weil Group has pioneered the approach of seeking helium as the sole, constituent gas product from its helium projects.

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Helium was first detected in


during the Indian solar eclipse of August 18, using a spectrometer, although it was only observed as a prominent yellow line and not understood to be a new element.